Saturday, April 18, 2009

IF "Impossibility"

"And to think that my teacher told me that it was impossible for my jet pack to ever fly ... now how am I going to land this thing?"

A pretty quick one this week--done with gouache in a Moleskine pad. And I love that in illustration, all things are possible!


MrBibleHead said...

alright spaceman! Nice work and clever idea!

debbie fanning said...

Hi Spaceman,
I am enjoying your work. Clever illustration. I envy your ability to work quickly.

Anonymous said...

Very wonderful illustration. Of course there's a trampoline in place and you just turn the jet pack off.

Dot said...

i love this one. his expression is great!

Juan said...

Very nice work!

jazzlamb said...

So lovely!
I love the composition and the trail.