Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Wet Media" Custom Photoshop Brush Set

I have put together a collection of 25 of my favorite custom-built (by me) "Wet Media" Photoshop Brushes. They're available for $5. The Brushes have been tested in Photoshop CS4, CS5, and CS6 (Mac and PC).

Click here to buy the "Wet Media" collection.

Here are swatches for the 25 Brushes.
Click to enlarge.

I used these many of these Brushes on my "Let's Go, Murray!" app.
Here's a detail. Click to enlarge.

Here's another detail from the "Let's Go, Murray!" app.
You can see a lot of the Brushes from the "Wet Media"
collection in this detail. Click to enlarge.

Click here to buy the "Wet Media" collection ($5).


Moira Munro said...

Gesso, Wipeout, Wash: invaluable for adding texture and interest. Thanks!

Ms. Moffatt said...

These are amazing Dave! Love your examples!