Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Show at the Acton Memorial Library

 I have a show at the Acton Memorial Library (Acton, MA) that will be up in July and August (2021). I'm showing mostly prints from my debut author-illustrator picture book, "All the Birds in the World" (Peter Pauper Press, 2020), as well as some prints from my follow-up, "All the Fish in the World" (Peter Pauper Press, due August 2021). I've included links to buy at the bottom of this post.

Here's the original entrance of the historic
Acton Memorial Library (Massachusetts).

The first video shows the wall that showcases my process. I started off doing tons of designs of the main character, Kiwi. These are mainly ink and watercolor. The second bulletin board shows several ink and watercolor color studies I did. I was originally planning on doing the artwork traditionally--in ink and watercolor--but the art director and editor saw some of my digital work and asked me to do a sample spread in Photoshop. The digital art was more lush, detailed, and colorful, so we went with that. The third bulletin board shows my process from rough sketch to final (digital) art.

The main wall shows illustrations from "All the Birds in the World." The illustrations are pencil drawings that I painted in Photoshop. The last illustration on this wall is art from the book that I adapted into a jigsaw puzzle (sold by Peter Pauper Press).

The last wall displays work from "All the Fish in the World," due out August 2021. These are also pencil with digital color.

This last clip (below) shows a sweep of the full show.

You can buy "All the Birds in the World" (and support independent bookstores in the process) by buying from

"All the Fish in the World" is not available yet, but I hear you can preorder it from Amazon. Sorry, no link.

"All the Fish" 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

I am also selling framed and unframed prints from the Acton Memorial Library show. If interested, please email me (see my "Contact" page).


Lindsaysf said...

What a delight! Thanks for making it possible for remote folks like me to see a range of your work.

Unknown said...

Very cool!!! Looks amazing. Too bad I'm so far away and can't see it in person. Thanks for the clips!